The Studio

Bircher Music Studio has locations in Bryan-College Station & Brenham and offers in-person and online voice lessons, acting lessons, guitar lessons, professional voice/audition sessions, and audition recording services.

Many students join the studio to get help preparing for auditions, performances, solos, and other special events. Vocal repertoire covers a variety of styles, from classical and musical theater to jazz and pop. Dan’s individualized approach ensures that each student develops a strong foundation in technique and shows, with a consistent home practice routine, genuine progress from week to week. Along the way, Dan helps his students develop confidence, poise, and stage presence, encouraging them to be expressive singers and performers.

At Bircher Music Studio, we are performance-focused. Why learn to sing if you’re not going to share your voice with others? Students are quickly motivated to practice at home when they know they have a studio recording session coming up on their new song. Each student is encouraged regularly to pursue outside performance opportunities, whether it be a solo at church or school, a musical theater audition, a vocal competition, or an open mic night.

We consider our academic Elementary through High School program more than a set weekly lesson and to encourage the growth and mindset useful to a successful musician by offering monthly opportunities outside of lessons, including workshops, masterclasses, studio classes, recording workshops, and recitals/concerts. Doing and Learning are inseparable!

Vocal Method

Drawing on classical Italian singing methods, Dan guides his students toward a healthy and efficient vocal technique, emphasizing proper use of breath, balanced registration, and the elimination of tension. A typical lesson begins with physical warmups, breathing practice, and vocal exercises. Students may request tutoring on note-reading skills and ear training. Students sing musical theater, classical, jazz, pop, and more.

In order to best prepare students of various ages, we require High School Students enroll in monthly, 60 minute lessons, and recommend students in grades 1-8 enroll in 30 minute lessons. In my opinion, High School students enrolling in one 30 minute voice lesson per week are at an incredible disadvantage and younger students are typically served well by a 30 minute lesson.

Some highly motivated/competitive younger singers/actors may require a longer lesson, depending on their specific goals (see me).


  • Stretch your range
  • Develop a more powerful voice
  • Sing without tension
  • Use your breath properly
  • Smooth out the shift/break between your registers
  • Sing high notes with ease
  • Gain confidence on stage
  • Build your musical skills
  • Develop a pleasant tone that sounds like you!
  • Unlock your potential as a vocalist and performer
  • Learn how to engage the audience with a dynamic performance
  • Audition with confidence

The Space

Bryan College Station: After having a number of students drive down from the Bryan College Station area to our studio in Brenham over the past few years, we decided to actively seek a local site to teach in-person lessons at for students in that area. In the spring of 2021, we partnered with the String & Horn Shop to offer voice lessons and then moved into a space nearby at 103 N. Main in Bryan in order to meet demand for additional lesson days/times in the area for the Fall of 2021.

Our new location offers an inviting lobby area for parents, a comfortable lessons space for tomorrow’s stars, and charming shops within a moment’s walk.

Brenham: Our Brenham location is a comfortable home studio, conveniently located in an easily accessible area of Brenham, Texas. Its central location and pleasant commute through the stunning countryside, has seen students come from as far away as College Station, Sealy, La Grange, and Houston to enroll in in person lessons and participate in workshops. Prospective students receive detailed directions and instructions on where to park after scheduling the introductory lesson.

Studio equipment includes an acoustic Yamaha baby grand piano, a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano, microphones, PA system, and recording capabilities. Parents are welcome to sit in on the lesson or drop off and pick up their child at their scheduled time.

Online Lessons

Online lessons have become a real possibility in recent years with the growth of platforms that make audio quality a priority and are able to run well, despite a student’s wifi or rural internet set up.

Online lessons may be recorded, at the request of the student, to review in between lessons. We always welcome a parent in the online lesson room (or sign in and let the lesson play in the background with your video/mic off). In addition to seeing and hearing one another, many lessons platforms also allows for the sharing of resources within the “room” – in other words, I can mark up a piece of music or monologue for clear communication or share a short example of a master performer.

Online lessons are an option for in-person students, as well, during weeks when travel is difficult or during emergencies.

Online students will need to be sure to review the technology being used, and have additional equipment, as needed. We will help guide you through this aspect of online lessons! All students are encouraged to purchase an external USB microphone – the better I can hear you, the more detailed feedback I can give! I will walk the families/students enrolling in online lessons through the technical requirements – often we can get started with equipment a family already has on hand and build up from there, if necessary.