Performing Arts Recognition Award

The annual Performing Arts Recognition Award for dedicated students of the arts ages 8-18.

Who may apply for this award?

Any student may register to work on and complete the requirements for this annual award. Students must register with the Bircher Music Studio, so that we can take care of the administrative side of the process, and have a primary teacher, parent, or other adult to serve as a guide/mentor through the process, if not taking private lessons through the Bircher Music Studio (ask us for more information on this).

This award is aimed at students studying an instrument/singing, dance, or acting. However, the requirements can be tweaked to suit the needs of students interested in other areas of the arts.

Cost: there is currently no fee to participate in this program. It is hosted by the Bircher Music Studio in order to encourage and honor the achievements of all students of the arts.

Note: High School students interested in pursing our multi-year long High School Performing Arts Honors Certificate should visit the page for that certificate.


  1. Training: complete at least 9 consecutive months OR 36 consecutive weeks of private lessons (or equivalent).
  2. Solo Repertoire: learn and perform from memory in any setting public or private 4-6 (ages 12 and under) or 6-9 (ages 13-18) new solo songs (singers/instrumentalists), routines (dancers), and/or monologues (actors), demonstrating a variety of skills, eras, techniques, etc. appropriate for your age. Teacher discretion applies (adjust/adapt as appropriate).
  3. Knowledge Assessment: pass a quiz including elements related to your main area of study and stage performance, as well as related fields appropriate for your level and area of study. Complete a short assignment covering one of these areas, if recommended by the private teacher (ask us for examples and more information).
  4. Minor Performances: Perform in at least 3 studio events as a soloist or ensemble member (or equivalent)
  5. Major Performance: Perform in a school/community/church/studio music ensemble concert, theatre production, or dance recital OR complete a pre-approved solo performance outside of the studio (or equivalent)
  6. Competitive Artistry: participate in at least one serious competition or audition (competing for all-state choir, auditioning for a play, online competitions, etc).
  7. Arts Project: complete an approved, self-designed project on an arts professional or equivalent (examples: composer, singer, actor, dancer, stage director, conductor, or choreographer).
  8. Self-Authoring (required for ages 11 and over; optional for ages 10 and under): at the beginning of pursuing this award, discuss your goals for the year with your mentor/parent/teacher. Write down 3 goals and a paragraph explaining your goals for the year, how you will or hope to achieve them, and in what ways you expect or hope to grow as an artist and as a person. At the end of the year, reflect on your original goals and write a paragraph explaining how you grew as an artist and as a person that year. Note: a minimum of six months must have passed in between the initial part of this project and the final reflection.
  9. Time Requirement: complete all requirements within ten consecutive months.
  10. Final Submission: the student will submit the mentor’s written confirmation regarding the completion of all requirements, along with a video recording of the student reading their final written paragraph and a representative performance. Upon successful review of the student’s materials and a final interview, the studio will present the student with their award.

Contact the Bircher Music Studio for Information

Please contact the Bircher Music Studio to request the official document/requirements for this year (the sheet may differ slightly from this page). Any student or training facility or teacher is welcome to have their students join this program.

Students are under no obligation to pay anything to participate in this program and are welcome to complete the requirements through any studio, organization, or teacher. At this moment, the cost to participate is free and is offered as a service to any student interested in pursuing it.