Invitational Performing Arts Award & Certificate Program

The Bircher Music Studio is proud to host an awards and certificate program for dedicated students of the arts: the Annual Recognition Award and the High School Performing Arts Honors Certificate.

The Annual Award is designed to recognize students who are involved in the performing arts and meet specific standards for performance in any given year. This award focuses on a single area of performance, encourages students to perform often in front of others in both formal and informal settings, and growth as an artist and person, including a self-authoring assignment for older students.

The High School Performing Arts Honors Certificate is designed as a four year certificate that honors the work a High School Student dedicated to the arts may put in throughout their entire High School career. A student following this path may choose to continue on in college or the professional arena. For homeschool students or students in rural settings, this certificate may serve as a guide to help the student be competitive with their peers at Performing Arts High Schools or in areas with many resources. This is not an easy certificate to earn, comprised of time requirements, a major and minor area of study, quantity of experience, and quality of work.

Note: A High School student pursuing the 4 Year Certificate can also apply for the Annual Award each year – similar requirements may be applied towards both in a given year.

While the requirements for both tracks are overseen by the Bircher Music Studio, any student (whether enrolled in the studio or not) may participate in this program. A student will need to have a designated mentor – a private lessons teacher, arts professional, or parent may serve as a mentor.

Registration Fees:

Annual Award: Free to Participate, No Fee

Honors Certificate: $75 Annual Registration Fee.

Please email us for more information on how to participate in these offerings and/or with any questions b i r c h e r s t u d i o @ g m a i l . c o m. We look forward to celebrating your achievements!


Daniel Trevor Bircher, Bircher Music Studio Owner